Apicetomy Oral Surgery

London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments
London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments

Apicectomy is a procedure whereby the infected tooth is treated by surgical removal of the root tip and sealing of the root tip with a retrograde filling. The procedure can take between 1-2 hours and your dentist will numb the area and the tooth before surgery. Although this procedure is generally carried out under local anaesthetic, in some cases the patient may require conscious IV sedation.

Apicoectomy is required in cases where non-surgical root canal treatment will not suffice. It is a more invasive procedure, which is why anaesthetic is generally required to ensure that the patient is completely at ease and to make it easier for the dentist to access the affected tissue in order to perform the necessary work. During the procedure, the dentist will open the gum tissue surrounding the tooth in order to remove any inflamed or infected tissues from the underlying bone. The end of the root will also be removed in the process.

Once the affected tissue has been removed, a small filling will be placed in the root to help seal the end of the root canal and stitches or sutures may also be required. The bone will then heal over the end of the root over a period of several months. Because you will be anaesthetised for the duration for the procedure, you shouldn’t experience any pain. Some discomfort or swelling after the procedure may occur, but our dental team will advise you on steps you can take to mitigate this and to prescribe pain-killing medication where necessary. Following apicectomy oral surgery, most patients are able to return to work and other activities the following day.

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