Anti-Grinding Device
Anti-Grinding Device

Temporomandibular Joint is the joint that connects your jaw to the skull. It enables you to move your jaw while speaking, eating, laughing or singing.

Patients who grind or clench can often put extra stress on this joint, and, on the muscles connected to it. The symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint grinding include pain felt when opening your mouth, chronic facial pain and headaches. Temporomandibular Joint grinding disorders are called TMJ or TMD.

Cerezen is a clinically, very promising and proven treatment. It’s the most advanced, unique treatment for TMD on the market. The Cerezen device is custom made and an innovative ear device. The Cerezen device comprises a 3D printed rigid material.

Cerezen offers an alternative to three group of people who suffered in the past until now when Cerezen is a choice. First people who grind or clench during the day. Those who bite guard or who splint has not provided satisfactory relief to them. Also, people who cannot tolerate the feeling of wearing a bite guard at night.

How Cerezen device works

The Cerezen significantly enhance the patient compliance levels and treats TMJ grinding distinctly. The volume of the ear canal increases when the jaw opens when eating, smiling and speaking. Therefore, the Cerezen device uses this anatomical change and are inserted into the ear canal as they retain the shape of an ear canal. As Cerezen devices are not worn out when you clench or grind they can often last much longer than splints or bite guards.

It provides a unique near field for TMJ grinding treatment as the ear canal is located close to the temporomandibular joint.

Uses of Cerezen devices

Aim to reduce TMD symptoms including

  • Jaw joint soreness
  • Teeth clenching or grinding
  • Pain in chewing muscles
  • Pain in the face
  • Aching pain around ears
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Painful popping and clicking when opening and closing
  • Change in how you bite.

Advantages of Cerezen device

  • Cerezen is safe and comfortable
  • Cerezen can be worn both during the day and night with no impact on lifestyle.
  • It is conservative and reversible
  • It is discreet and clinically effective
  • Only removed when swimming, during contact sports, and bathing.

Since TMJ affects nearly 33% of people during their lifetime, it may be a chance that you might have it at some point. Thus, make sure you act fast and seek out the best Cerezen specialist to continue with healthy life.

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