Chemical Peel

London Dental Smiles offer a range of facial aesthetic treatments
London Dental Smiles offer a range of facial aesthetic treatments

Do you ever wish for tighter, smoother, brighter glowing skin? A chemical peel can do that for you.

Due to sun exposure every day, the skin is affected therefore, nearly everyone can benefit from a chemical peel. A chemical peel can be used to enhance the skin appearance through the application of an acid-based solution which peels off the skin. A chemical peel is performed mostly on the face, neck, and hands. Peels dramatically decrease wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, lines and roughness caused by sunburns. A chemical peel is ideal for the fair-skinned and light-haired patient. Darker skin persons may also have a chemical peel.

Before embarking on any chemical peel treatment, a thorough evaluation should be carried out. Our specialists offer a unique blend of acids to give a gentle, effective peel resulting in tighter, smoother, brighter glowing skin immediately after one use.

Peels are in three categories, namely:

Superficial peels, helps reduce fine lines, mild acne scars, irregular skin tone, rough skin texture. Are mild and fits all skin types. Done in 30 minutes and takes two to five days to heal. Results duration is 6-12 months.

Medium peels, these penetrate more deeply in the skin than superficial peels. The skin surface is soaked daily for a stated time to improve skin in a single peel. Suitable for neck, hands and other parts. Takes seven to fourteen days to heal. Avoid sun exposure until healing takes place.

Deep peel penetrates on several skin layers and slightly bleach the skin, therefore not suitable for dark-skinned people. Skin is soaked in solution four to six times daily. It removes deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone, creases, and various precancerous skin growths. For the first 14 days’ ointment application is done and after that application of thick moisturizer starts for next 14 days. Avoid all sun exposure for 3-6 months. Takes 14-21 days to heal.


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