Dermal Fillers

London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments
London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments

Everyone can rejuvenate an aging skin regardless of age and gender and have lovely skin.

Dermal fillers are a natural way to smooth the facial skin. It involves a non-surgical treatment used to uplift the lips, cheeks and jawbone to reduce signs of ageing. Dermal fillers can also treat scars and acne.

When we grow older, the cells are unable to produce collagen and elastic tissue, the hyaluronic acid also decreases, this makes our skin lose volume, and fine lines appear. The natural fat pads in the face diminish and coupled with years of sun exposure, lifestyle factors and gravity, the skin shows sign of aging.

Dermal fillers are the best to treat deeper folds and wrinkles in our skin. The dermal fillers injections use hyaluronic acid which is found in our bodies to give the skin surface a youthful look. The soft dermal fillers are used to plump thin or thinning lips to make them fuller. It makes the lips to be firm and obtain a beautiful shape.

Stiff dermal fillers are used on cheeks and jawlines. Dermal fillers reduce hollows on the cheeks and define the chin and jawline enhancing the whole face beauty. Dermal fillers also treat dark circles under our eyes enhancing a fresher younger look.

Reasons to choose Dermal Fillers

The outcome after the treatment is instant

The procedure takes 15-30 minutes, after which a person can resume regular duties.

Temporary dermal fillers can last for 6-12 months, and others up to 2 years

After procedure swelling, tenderness, lumps and asymmetry may occur, but not for more than 48 hours

A person only experiences mild pain and little discomfort.

The anesthetic may be used on various options

Results usually give a natural look

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