Lips Enhancement

Have you ever wished your lips were fuller and smoother?

Lips are a beautiful feature of the face. They are the centre of beauty, and they functionally help to convey sound for spoken language. Fuller and natural looking lips emphasise our smile and improve the face symmetry enhancing our beauty.

Lips enhancement which is an effective and safe anti-aging lips treatment is gaining popularity in recent years. When we grow old, the lips start thinning, and the need to restore our youthful and attractive face bothers us. Lip enhancement replaces moisture and volume in the lips, giving fuller and plump lips. The lip enhancement is also suitable for people with lines around the top and bottom lips. Lip enhancers suit both men and women.

Lips treatment is safe, and results give a natural look. For any lips enhancement, including thinning or thin lips, deformed lips or any lips rejuvenation, London Dental Smiles have got you covered. In line with your needs, we specially design our treatment plan. We have skilled specialists who help improve lips appearance by adding volume, shape, and structure to achieve your desired fuller, smooth and well-shaped lips.

At London Dental Smiles, the lip enhancement used, offers a more comfortable treatment; thus it is pain-free. Our procedure is non-surgical giving natural lips. The treatment can be gradual with different appointments until the formulation of desired lips volume and shape. The treatment is fast, effective and enhances the smile with natural, fuller and soft lips.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes

The specialist has better control over the amount of substance used thus able to measure volume correctly.

The recovery time is between 24-48 hours with instant results.

The results last for 3-9 months.

A patient may get bruises, swelling, tenderness, and asymmetry.

The bumps and lumps created dissolves easily.

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