0% Financial Plan

Available for treatments over £600
Available for treatments over £600

London Dental Smiles takes care of your dental health and pocket as well.

What Does This Mean?

This implies that patients can get dental treatment of their choice and pay for the services later.

We believe that everyone deserves a confident and beautiful smile, even when they are not in a position to pay for all the costs right away.

How Do We Help?

Our company has a convenient and beneficial 0% finance plan that patients can use to access various kinds of dental treatments. Talk to one of our friendly and expert dentists to identify the dental treatment to pick. After the consultation, candidates will know the amount needed to pay for the procedure.

If a patient cannot pay the entire cost, they can apply for the 0% financial plan through our practice. Go through all the requirements to check if you qualify, then start the application process.

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How to Pay?

Pay for the treatment expenses in twelve months. This gives you the freedom to spread out monthly payments in a way that suits your budget. Our patients appreciate the fact that this plan does not work like other loans. You will only cover the costs of the treatment without any interest.

Benefits of the Plan

Getting into such a plan presents numerous perks to our patients such as:

  • Treatment starts when it needs to, so that your dental problems do not become worse and costlier.
  • Flexible payment schedules which means you do not have to stress about looking for the entire amount.
  • No interest at all.
  • Expert help with the application process.

Work with London Dental Smiles to receive affordable services you will love.

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