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5 Foods To Avoid For Better Oral Health

Posted by Fabio on Sunday, Aug 20, 2017

Looking after your teeth is important but what foods does your dentist want you to avoid? Here our experts give you the advice you need to keep your teeth looking and feeling great.

1 Sugary Snacks And Foods

We all know that sugar and sticky-sweet foods are no good for our waistline, but they are also no good for our teeth. The rate of cavities and tooth decay in young children is escalating but as adults, we don’t seem to be learning the lesson either. Cavities are caused by eating too many sugary snacks and drinks.

2 Sticky Foods

Dried fruit pieces may seem like the healthier option but not so say dentists. Sticky foods stick to the surface of your teeth and that means nasty bacteria stick to them too. Eat too many sticky fruits and foods and you could be kissing goodbye to your tooth enamel.

3 Acidic Foods

Any foods or drinks that raise acids in the mouth are best avoided or at least cut to a minimum. But again, we assume that because we swap sugary drinks for fruit juice and substitute a sugary chocolate bar for fruit, we are looking after our overall health. It may be so, but some citrus fruits and acidic foods are best avoided, especially in large quantities.

4 Junk Food

Now here’s the thing with junk food and takeaways: an occasional treat is not going to ruin your health but continuously over-indulge and it leads to problems with your health. Your teeth are a good indicator of your overall health and with a diet that consists of mainly junk, you’ll likely suffer from a weakened immune system. And that means illness and the need for medication that can damage your teeth.

5 Regular Snacking

Here at London Dental Smiles, we all love to snack but regular snacking can have an impact on your oral health as well. This is because your teeth are constantly being met with sugar from the snacks that you eat even if that might be a handful of nuts or grapes.

Of course, looking after your teeth means watching what you eat and having a good dental hygiene routine. As well as brushing your teeth twice daily, you should be flossing and paying regular visits to London Dental Smiles for check-ups. And with our great advice, and your commitment to good dental health, you know that your teeth are in great shape.

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