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All the latest news from London Dental Smiles

Bring your children along to our Kids Open Day on Saturday 17th March

Posted by Fabio on Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018

Did you visit the dentist regularly as a child? If you did then the chances are that you already take your children to the dentist for their 6 monthly check-ups. If you haven’t yet established a dental routine with your child, then it is never too early to start.

The importance of good dental hygiene

It is important to teach children the value of good dental hygiene at an early age and to instil in them how to look after their teeth. By encouraging them to visit the dentist as children, we can teach them how to look after their teeth and get them used to the routine of visiting their dentist regularly. Teaching them this now will act as a good preventative measure and hopefully avoid any potential issues later in life.

Get your child used to regular dental check-ups

Unfortunately, many adults develop a fear or phobia of the dentist which, once they have it, is hard to resolve. By having regular dental check-ups as children, and by practising good oral hygiene, your children will grow up being used to the dentist and more importantly, able to prevent any of the issues that you may have faced.

Visit our Kids Open Day

In order to introduce your child, or children, to the dentist and start to encourage them to practise good oral hygiene, we are holding a kids’ open day on Saturday, March 17th. Here they will be able to see what happens at the dentist, meet some of our team (who will be dressed up) and get used to sitting in the dental chair. Each child can have a check-up and can experience their first visit to the dentist in a friendly and fun environment. Once they have seen the surgery and sat in the chair, they will be asking when they can come back!

Free dental check-up and a goody bag!

As part of the visit, each child will get a free dental check-up and advice on how to exercise effective brushing, diet and fluoride application. Every child will also be given a goody bag for attending. Before you leave you will also have the opportunity to book their next check-up which we recommend they have every six months.

As we have limited space we highly recommend that you book your appointment now to avoid disappointment. You can call us on 020 8459 2324 or email us at info@londondentalsmiles.com

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