Dental Implants

London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments
London Dental Smiles offer a range of private and NHS treatments

We offer a full range of treatments including the highly popular dental implants from our London dental health practise.

Used to replace missing or damaged teeth, dental implants offer stability to dentures or rid you of them completely. They are designed specifically to look and feel like your own teeth which makes dental implants a popular choice with many of our clients.

At London Dental Smiles our two main dental implant brands used are Tatum and Ostem.

The Tatum implant systems are used because they are exceptionally strong and resistant to fracture.

These implants make the most of any available existing jaw bone structure so the implant fits securely.

Using OSSTEM implant systems, you can expect superior cleanliness and excellent osseointegration between the implant and your surrounding bone tissue. The OSSTEM implants are completely free from any residual substances which makes them a popular choice at the London Dental Smiles clinic.

Deciding on which brand of implants to use and how to proceed with your dental implant treatment plan will all be down to a discussion with the dentist or dental surgeon. We will need to discuss your health and the implant procedure step by step before proceeding.

Contact us to book in for a free implant consultation where we can discuss each brand in depth and provide you with information you need to make your decision about moving forward. Don’t hesitate to get in contact, ask us questions and mention any queries you might have.

See how London Dental Smiles can help improve your oral health, create the perfect smile and start your dental implant procedure.

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