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All the latest news from London Dental Smiles

London Dental Smiles Advise on Keeping Tooth Healthy During Halloween

Posted by Fabio on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018

Halloween being around the corner, it raises a concern for parents and dentist on the health of the children teeth. Halloween is a time for costumes, shrieks and lot of candy, and to almost all children, this season means bags of free candy and a chance to build a stock of candies for winter. Halloween presents wreak havoc on parents for the kid’s teeth health and safety.

The sight of too much sugar on the shops will scare you away or put shivers in the spine if you are tooth-conscious. It does not have to bother you too much, below are tips to help keep your teeth during Halloween in tip-top health.

Prepare fang-tastic foods

By creating fang-tastic foods during Halloween, the family can share and eat together. Cooking is a beautiful way to spend time together either when hosting a house party or enjoying devilish foods for Halloween. During Halloween festival ensure that the kids eat less sugary foods to maintain healthy teeth.

Research on low sugar or sugar-free recipes to reduce the risk to your children teeth. You can alternate milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Use dates in place for processed sugar. Use natural alternatives in place of sweets and snacks like fresh and dried fruits, and nuts. Consume sweet foods and snacks at mealtimes to reduce the teeth exposure time to sugar.

Brush teeth regularly

Brushing the gnashers after popping a few candies might sound excellent but proper precaution should be taken. Do not brush after consuming acidic food as it may cause teeth damage since some foods soften the enamel. Thus, if you brush immediately after eating treats, you might hurt your enamel while it’s still sensitive. Due to this, rinse the sugar with water as you wait for at least 30min to brush. Brush with fluoride toothpaste for maximum protection.

Look for hidden starches and sugars

Some sugars can destruct children teeth like fructose, glucose and honey. These foods appear in foods such as fruit bars, flavored yogurts, pouches and juices. Some starches also stay in the teeth for long like pretzels leading to cavities.

Creepy crafts

Halloween handicrafts are one great way to keep the children busy with sweets and snacks. Children can also make great costumes and decorations especially with the online platform the ideas are countless. You can also recycle materials from your house and turn it into a low cost and educational activity during Halloween.

Ensure caution with costumes

Be careful on what you use on teeth for makeup since not only candy can destroy your teeth. Use cosmetics designed for use in the mouth when decorating yourself or kids. Before using goofy fake teeth on Halloween ensure they don’t contain lead. On any concerns about Halloween, prosthetics visit the London Dental Smiles and talk to a dentist.


Cavities do not have to scare you during this Halloween; you should limit your candy and sweets. By this, you take care of your teeth and find that the goblins, ghosts and holiday frights are much scarier than onset tooth cavity.

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