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All the latest news from London Dental Smiles
Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Procedures Available at London Dental Smiles

Posted by Fabio on Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017

There have been huge advances in orthodontic procedures in recent years and braces are in higher demand than they have ever been. Around 200,000 people, both adults and children, seek orthodontic treatment every year.

Whether you feel you need to consider the options available to you because you are embarrassed by your teeth and want to make the most of your smile, or you simply want to improve an issue with your bite, there are a number of procedures available.

Our Treatments
At London Dental Smiles we offer four different types of orthodontic treatment for the re-alignment of teeth: Inman Aligner, Invisalign Braces, Clear Step Aligners and of course Conventional Braces.

Whether the best treatment for you involves braces or clear aligners, the results should be the same; a fantastic re-aligned smile, a corrected bite or even an improvement to your oral health.

Inman Aligner
This treatment is used to correct mild rotation or issues of crowding of the teeth and involves the use of a removable appliance.

Crowding of the teeth is a more common issue than you might think and over time the Inman Aligner treatment can be used to gently correct the problem, giving you a set of teeth that will be much straighter, and giving you more confidence to smile.

The treatment should take between six to nine months to improve the look of your teeth.

Invisalign Braces
These virtually invisible braces are much more comfortable than their more traditional counterparts, they are fitted closely to your teeth and are worn all day. They are very effective and very discreet which means the wearer is less likely to be too self-confident whilst wearing them.

Clear Step Aligners
This incredibly discreet comfortable treatment is as the name suggests clear, allowing patients to straighten their teeth without the worry that comes from using a more obvious treatment.

This clear aligner can be removed as and when needed; for eating or cleaning etc which gives the user the freedom to get on with their normal life whilst the aligner does its job.

Conventional Braces
Whilst the more conventional braces are not as discreet as the alternatives they still play a vital role when it comes to the re-alignment of teeth.

They might not be the first choice of most patients but they still do a very good job and might be the most appropriate treatment for some patients.

If you are looking for a London Orthodontics specialist service then we would be happy to discuss the most appropriate treatment for you.

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