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All the latest news from London Dental Smiles

Reasons Why You Should Replace Crowns and Dental Fillings

Posted by Fabio on Monday, Sep 10, 2018

Human beings are prone to tooth decay caused by bacteria. When this happens, dental fillings and crowns are used to rectify this problem since they last for years. However, although they are long lasting, they eventually need replacement.  From reasons like general wear and tear, beauty issues to darkening of the teeth among others, you may decide to have your crowns and fillings replaced.

When your fillings or crowns have broken or chipped, your teeth get openings that are accessible to teeth decay. A toothbrush may not help you much when removing bacteria that hide in the gaps caused by the broken fillings and crowns. The result is the multiplication of bacteria. Untreated decays can infect the dental pulp, and when it is infected, you will need a filling or else you may lose your tooth for good.

When crowns and fillings fracture, they cause a lot of pain and can be costly. It becomes a big challenge for the dentist to create another that look individual and is natural. The dentist must create a filling that looks like it is emerging from your gum.

It is significant to keep in touch with your dentist for your dental appointment. Where there is no pain involved, it may be impossible for you to tell whether your crown or filling is cracked. By having a regular teeth checkup, your dentist should be able to advise you on the density of your problem. By doing this, you will be preventing a big and expensive problem in the future.

Crown Replacement

Among others, crowns can be an ideal treatment for the following.

  • A broken tooth.
  • A misshaped teeth.
  • Restoring teeth that need brightening or has discolored.
  • Replacing an old one that no longer fits.

Although the crown plays a significant role in rectifying your teeth problem, they still need to be replaced. You may ask yourself the reason why. Whether to have a crown replacement or not depends entirely on the individual. You may decide to have it due to cracks or chips which encourage tooth decay and sometimes pain. Another reason could be due to beauty reasons.

As time moves on, crowns discolor, and the edges become weaker thereby chipping off. When this happens, you may decide to have a crown replacement with another one with a natural look fitted. You can also solve the problem of overcrowding and missing teeth by use of crown replacement.

Fillings Replacement

Fillings are used to do the following.

  • Bring a more natural look.
  • Restore the strength of damaged teeth.
  • Close the gaps between the teeth.
  • Reshape uneven or short teeth.

You can only change your filling when your dentist decides there is a need. It is vital to observe this to ensure that you don’t damage your teeth by trying to remove the old fillings. Today they come in several types and from different materials. You can have them from glass particles synthetic setting and setting ingredient.

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